Thrilling and exciting, this game can only be played by people who understand the basics of this game. Since its release, millions of fans have been playing it for fun and now it has become a major source of income to the experts because it is widespread in the online casino where people stake huge amounts of money. It is very easy to understand but again when playing you need a high profile creativity to ensure that you play smart at all times. This is not a dice game where luck is all what matters. This is a game that is brain consuming and needs a lot of thinking capacity to ensure that you win always.

The rules are as stated below.

#1. Know the features of the table

There is a small white ball that normally goes around the whole table. The table contains thirty six numbers and a zero plus a table that is written the word black. The ball will be dropped on the table and it will be left to scroll freely and land on a number, any of the thirty six. You can then choose what exactly you want to bet on assuming the numbers with the highest probability that the ball will pass through.

#2. Types of betting

In this game you choose which numbers the ball is going to land in. Everything is structured and you only need to state what exactly is going to happen to avoid wasting time here. You can chose the street bet, where you say the ball is going to pass from 11 to 1, you can choose the straight up betting which says from 35 to 1, you can as well choose six line betting which is from 5 to 1. All you need to do is to understand exactly what you are doing.

#3. Outside bets

These bets are made in terms of colors. They are not that complicated but you need to understand them because you are only safe when you have them in you. The bets are made as column betting, even or odd number betting and dozen betting. Here, that means you are confident about a player and that you can risk your money. Make sure that you have all the basics so that you stake your money nicely. When you are an outside gambler on this game, then you need to be smart enough.

#4. Careful with your Odds

You can only have the best play if you know the odds. Some trusted online casino favor the player while others favor the banker. But in all, you need to ensure that you have the perfect understanding of the odds. At every house, there is an edge. All the odds shall be paid for only when the ball falls in the predicated numbers between 0 to 36. For outside gamblers, there are rules that govern their play so they need to be careful as well. The 00 slot increases the chances of the casino winning.

#5. Identify the table

It high time you start playing. You need to identify a placard that you will carry around which indicates your bet. This is going to ensure that you have put that amount of stake and you are ready for anything. It could be any amount depending on your choice and the prevailing rates on the table. The board highlights will indicate the numbers that the ball has passed through telling you whether you have won or not. Watch careful what happens to avoid saying that the game was not fair. If you win, then let the banker hand over your chips to you in any denominations that you want.