Online Progressive baccarat betting strategy and tips that you can use


Some people say baccarat has nothing to do with the strategy because it is the game of only chances and opportunities. But you can eradicate your chances of losing money to a considerable extent by following some tips. This online progressive baccarat betting strategy and tips that you can use are enlisted by QQ101 after acquiring knowledge about baccarat from experienced players having practice in baccarat more than 20 years. So, all of these tips are based on sheer experience and are realistic you can employ them directly while playing. These tips are;

  • Predetermine the winning amount:

You should predetermine the amount you want to win let’s say $500 or any amount of your desire. When you hit your goal and manage to win the pre-set amount you should quit the game and leave the casino. Do not get greedy even if luck is favoring you because circumstances change in milliseconds in casinos and you may even lose your won amount.

Online progressive baccarat betting strategy and tips that you can use to win

  • Check the odds:

Odds are simple ratio which tells us the amount we will be paid or get lost. Before playing in any casino, you should check the odds very carefully because there are some casinos which are demanding very high commission from the punters. After paying commission to the casino the punter remains left with the very small amount. The online casino Malaysia usually charges 5-6% commission of total winning amount. Some places are charging it very high upto30% and some are charging it even low than 5% which is awesome. If you find any such casino go for it.

  • Bet on player or banker??

You should bet on banker when you are only betting a single bet or bets without following any particular betting system like martingale or labouchere. The selection of banker is suggested because it has slightly higher payouts. But when you are following the betting system again like labouchere and martingale then it’s not beneficial to play from the banker side rather you should play from player’s side because of the positive progression of these systems. Yes, the player gets payout after reducing commission by the casino but even then it’s beneficial for the player when he hits a win. Let’s take an example of martingale system suppose you win a game after two first consecutive losses of $5 and $10. The third game will be ultimate of $20 and winning it means to get $40. After reducing 5% commission the player will get $38 and still there is a scope of profit by playing from the player’s side.

  • Investigate about casino:

Investigate well before depositing your money in a casino because casinos promise to give you bonuses, rebates, weekly rebates, cash backs and other exciting offers but with the exception of a certain number of bets you made through their forum and obviously, this number is pretty large. In actual, these offers are only for the regular and loyal customers. Compare the criterion of a number of bets for their special offers and go for the Malaysia casino website that is providing best available offers for you.

  • Never bet for a tie:

A gambler can bet on banker, player or a tie. It has the highest house edge of nearly 14.4 percent which means you have to pay 14.4 rupees again every 100 rupees investing on ties.

Take your lucky charm along you:

The main factor is the “luck”. If you are superstitious then avoid playing at your prohibited days rather play on your lucky days and if you have any lucky charm bring it to along you.

We hope these valuable tips enlisted by Jayson will surely help you sort out the maximum benefit and give you a proper sense of playing baccarat.