Online casino etiquette that beginners should know


Each online casino game usually has its own rules of conduct, though there are some that are applicable across the entire gaming entity. Regardless of your experience in gambling, it is advisable that you apply these rules every time you play in the online casino room.

Know the gaming rules. Don’t attempt to play online casino or land-based if you don’t know anything about the rules. It would be unethical when you interrupt the flow of the online casino game as if you are a noob who keeps on asking question in online casino. So before you gamble in Online Casino Fun88, make sure that you study the rules of the game online or have a closer watch of a land-based casino session from a decent distance.

Know how much your chip worth. One of the basics of playing online casino is to know the chip denominations. You would be able to experience better if you know the value of each color of the chips. When playing in online casino or any other sports book, black chip are worth $100, green chips are worth $25 and red chips are worth $5. Also, you may have the chance to have a larger betting chip chunked into smaller amounts.

Know what it means by face up. When playing Casino, you will come across cards that are facing upward. In such situations, it means that you have to keep your hands off the cards.  When you violate this rule, you will surely get a warning from the dealer.

Never ask for advice from the dealer. Although Casino dealers are pleased to answer your questions regarding the rules and payout, it’s not a good idea to ask for pieces of advice from them. If you do, you might just put them into an uncomfortable situation. Chances are they might get the blame from other players who lose. If you are willing to take the risk for your own money in playing Fun88 Casino, make sure that you are ready and adept in making your own sound judgment.

Never touch wagers. When a round is at play, you should never touch the wagers. Actually, this is just a matter of common sense that online casino beginners like you must know when playing casino. If you violate this basic norm in online casino, you might be accused of stealing or expelled from the casino.

The rules of tipping

Actually, there are no strict rules when it comes to tipping dealers. While some gamblers prefer to give tips only when they win, some also throws gratuities as if they have lots of money to burn. Generous customers are dubbed as “George” while the stingy players are termed as “stiffs’.

Dealers are considered as captive audience, while casino waitresses usually rely on a more effective means of displaying their disapproval towards such stiffs.  If you are a beginner playing in casino and you fail to give tip for drinks or foods, you might expect that the delivery is quite slow.

When you want to know how much you should give yo the dealer, one tip is to use twenty five percent of your success on the betting table while the seventy five percent is one the overall attitude of the dealer.

Don’t think casino as a mere place where you can win or lose your money. It is a place where you get along with other players, dealers, cocktail waitress and everyone around. So once you enter a casino room, make sure that you bring with you these casino etiquettes. Moreover, these etiquettes can also help you in winning money when playing in Online Casino.