How to Play Keno


Keno is almost a similar game to lottery.  This game is based from drawing of numbers that have to correspond with the selected written numbers on the cards. On the traditional Keno game, this one uses a circular glass which is also called as bubble with a total of 80 numbers which are used for draw. But there are some changes made within the game these days. Keno is now much simpler to play and the mechanics are much easier to understand that is why many are having fun in playing this game while hoping to win a particular amount. If you don’t know how to play a Keno, then the following steps can help you:

  1. Learn the Basics of Keno – basic steps of playing Keno are much more important to know at first. In learning the basics, you have to get a Keno card first. After keeping one or more Keno card, select and mark the numbers which you think are the lucky winning numbers that will be drawn afterwards. Take note that cards also vary on the numbers you are supposed to mark – some requires 1- 10 while others require more than ten numbers. On the other hand make sure of the amount you are going to give to have the chance in winning the specific Keno price. Lastly, give it to the Keno operators and wait for the time of declaring the draw numbers.
  2. Do the Mixing up of Number –once you have learned the basic rules for Keno, you may also try to play Keno by mixing up number. But how you are going to do this? all you have to do are the following:
  • Use a way ticket. In using a way ticket, you have to prepare yourself with this quite complicated game. In this game, there the combination of the number that enters the mix.
  • Use bet combinations. It is another quite complicated gaming strategy as the numbers may overlap within the combination. Just take note of the number you want to make a clear number combination for your bet.
  • Play King Tickets. If you have encircled one number, it is the “king.” This can also be inserted into the number combinations.
  1. Play in Variations – Keno variations are exciting to try. There are Keno variations that you may enjoy to play and here are the following:
  • Betting in the Bonus or also known as bull’s eye. This will surely give a big win and it varies depending upon the bonus. In fact the expected winning price is 20x higher of the normal winning prize.
  • Play a video Keno – this is an easy yet fast playing game. You have it by your own only when playing this as you only has to touch the screen of the number you want to choose.
  • Play the Packaged Keno – from the word itself “packaged”, this Keno game needs the player to purchase in bulk. Having that said, when you buy more games, they will be cheaper as they should be.

Keno is a simple game to play and it only matters on how and what number you pick to win the game. Playing the basics of game will surely bring you to your enjoyment and excitement while playing Keno games. Yes, this could be a real game of luck; but do keep in mind that getting yourself equipped with the nuts and bolts of the game is also a trick to pulling off. What does it mean? If you engage yourself into this exciting game, make sure that you know at least the basics to spare yourself from hype!