Have Fun with the Royal Casino


               If you feel you are noble enough and that you want a special VIP class in betting, then the royal casino is where fits. You have the autonomy to play online or at the real and actual casino. The royal casino is a place where people get rich within seconds because only huge earnings are offered there. With more than ten games in it, you can be sure of getting the most appropriate game for you to play here. Every game is done separately and professionally to be special to the players. Have a look at some of the games that you can play at this best casino online.

#1. Baccarat insurance A and B

               If you have stronger fixed odds, this is the kind of a game that you can play to avoid losing. This game is offered to protect players with an upper hand and stake from losing. It goes with the number of cards that the banker and the player are using. All these are well described in the rules before you start playing and no matter how complicated they are to you, you can be sure that your royal standards are going to upheld at all times.

#2. Dragon tiger A and B

             The dragons shall be given their own cards and you will also be provided with your own card. Without wasting time, all the cards are ranked just like they are done on poker. You will then start playing but put in mind that you need to be keen to avoid making mistakes because jokers are not allowed here. There are both primary and opposition bets available so you don’t need to actually worry about anything. Just stay focused and don’t let the dragons to put you down because if you do, you lose everything.

#3. Baccarat A-I

              Here you have the autonomy and freedom to choose any kind of baccarat you want. The rules on every Baccarat are different so you need to ensure that you have a perfect understanding of all the games. It is not the normal Punto Banco as many of the people think when they hear about Baccarat. This is a special kind of a game that people should play when focused and well taught. For online playing, you will be taught with both theory and videos so that you know how it is played before you start staking.

#4 Tai Sai A

             Call it the Dice shaker, this is a very nice game because you only stay with luck. It is also known as Sic Bo and it is very wonderful to play. In royal casino, there is both A and B so you choose on what you think it is best for you. Here every roll in the dice determines either a win or a loss so you need to be very lucky to ensure that you get rich quickly. It is a game that only the daring can try to play it.

#5. Fan Tan A

            Once the Square has been drawn on the table. You need to be ready with your stake. This is where the game starts. The buttons will then be smeared on the square and the banker shall announce what exactly each has. People will stake to bet. It is a game that has wonderful returns but bet only when you are sure of the player. This is the best online game to bet for so far because it has wonderful returns at all times. Just make sure that all the rules are in your head. There are no excuses here, once defeated that is it.

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