Dragon Tiger


              A game that was founded in Cambodia and has become popular to the world because of how entertaining and simple it is to play. It started just like a manual game but due to the rampant increase in technology and computer software advancements. All its features were brought online and people can now enjoy it on the online game stores. It is in the online casino because people are always fans of this game. They love it because it brings nice returns and many casinos have excellent odds on it so people consider it as a breakthrough item to get rich at once.


               With English 52 standards cards, this game can be played anywhere. It has the exception of jokers and wild cards so you need to remove them in case they are there. Here, the dealer is not considered by the game, it is the game itself that decides whether it is the tiger or the Dragon that will take the highest number of cards. Unlike online 3d baccarat where the game plays against the dealer, this is different so you need to learn the basics to play well and outstanding. Only one card is given to the tiger and another to the dragon and no additional cards should be added.

How you can bet

               Once the wager has been placed on the tiger and the dragon, its time the dealer is let to place the cards facing up so that bets can be easily made. Normally, the card that happens to be at the top of all positions wins. The Aces is what determines who is the winner and there is Ace 1-10 the J, K and Q. If both the Tiger and the dragon gets the same wager, then both the house and the player takes half-half which means that no loser no winner.

             You can as well bet on tie which means both the tiger and the Dragon will get the same numbers. This is a bet that is normally accompanied by a lot of winnings because it is a very rare occurrence. Normally the standard casino tie is 8 to 1 which is very advantageous to the casino house because the casino gets 37.7%. You can as well choose any tie of your choice. This game is just like the casino war because they have the same rules only that this game has simple rules compared to the other.

               You can as well choose the strength of the bet. This is whether you want the tiger or the dragon to have a small wager or a big wager. The wagers have ranking values that determines their strength. They ensure that you what they are worth of. You can therefore say 8 or 1 or any figure that you are interested in betting for. This is what, you are going to determine the amount of returns that you are going to get.  Big or small bets numbers are for the people who are sure of what they are going to be bet regularly. It is good to ensure that you have a perfect understanding of the values of the wagers.

             There is also the suit betting where a player select a certain suit let’s say for example 4 to1. If the selected suit does not appear, then you end up getting nothing which makes you to lose everything. There is a strategy of playing where when you play on the last winner you have a chance to catch a streak of hands dominated by either Dragon or Tiger wagers. Enjoy the game after you understand the rules, don’t just play.