Dragon-Tiger Must Know Rules And Strategy To Win


The game of Dragon Tiger is an Asian gambling club casino game that was initially presented in Cambodia. It can be played at numerous Malaysia casino sites and players love it because of the simplicity and speed of the game. Dragon-Tiger Must Know Rules And Strategy To Win it is additionally a most loved of streak bettors, who regularly bet on every each winning hand on a score pad and wager in like manner.  It follows the baccarat betting process and also it is the basis of casino wars. To make the game more exciting and thrilling live, many software are available which make sure that each player enjoy the land of casino games.

Introduction: Dragon Tiger is usually played with Standard English decks of 52 cards. No jokers or special cases are utilized, and the game is frequently managed from a blackjack shoe holding six or eight decks. Not at all best online casino site, have Dragon Tiger players played against the dealer. Rather, similar to baccarat, the object of a game off is to correctly pick which hand, either the Dragon or the Tiger, will get the highest card.

Rules for playing the dragon tiger live: some players think that if they count the cards it can benefit them a lot to make a guess that how many low and high cards are left in the deck. It permits the players to select their bets carefully and enhance their chances of placing and also winning the bet. To keep the track of suits becomes easier for the players because they are only four. It gives advantages while placing the bet that is basically a side bet in the game.

Dragon-tiger must know rules and strategy to win

While playing this game one will bet on which suit will be decided and get a payout of 3:1 for the right bet. The players who are playing such bets should keep the record and track of such suits that have been played in the game up to this point. Always keep this point in your mind that this game is usually played with 8 decks and will be re shuffled after the fourth deck is used.


There is a very simple strategy at dragon tiger but still, many players only bet on the last bettor and hope to get a streak of hands dominated by the dragon or the tiger spot. If the number of the decks which are being used is offered by casino in Malaysia the software shows where and when the cards are shuffled and casino edge can be reduced to count all the cards

A player can keep checking either (or both) suits or of all shapes and sizes cards to pick up an edge. Checking the suits played is simplest since there are just four possible outcomes. Whenever three of the four suits have seemed more than a single suit, it would be an enhanced bet to wager on that one suit.

Fortune based strategy:

Yes it is true  that Dragon Tiger is a game where fortunes are the best component, and it’s actual, still that doesn’t mean there isn’t a method for playing it freely. An ideal approach to keep track is to watch which suits have been managed the most, which suggests that the best wager for this procedure is the suit wager. For instance, compute what number of suit cards are in play and what numbers of decks have been utilized. In the event that your calculations tell that after some time has passed the clubs suit has been played the minimum after, your best option is to bet on the clubs.